Wednesday 13 October 2010

Ride to Work Day's Camberwell Community Breakfast Wednesday 13 Oct 2010

Boroondara Council is providing another community breakfast with all sorts of attractions, including lots of yummy free food and drinks.  Have a massage, get your bike engraved by the police and collect your free ravelSmart map.  It's also a great opportunity to chat to other cyclists, including members of the Boroondara Bicycle Users Group (BBUG).  
If you have any issues with cycling through Boroondara this is your chance to put them on record.  Mark them on the TravelSmart map, write them up and put them in the suggestion box, or just tell the BBUG about them.  
  • When: 7.00 to 8.30am on Wednesday, 13 October
  • Where: Camberwell Civic Centre, 340 Camberwell Rd. Mel.y 59 J1
  • Contact: Julia Blunden:

Response to the Boroondara Low Carbon Strategy document

This Response to the Boroondara Low Carbon Strategy document was written and submitted by David Coote, from the Eastern Suburbs Permaculture Group.
a/ Nothing in the strategy detailing what is best practice in this area for local government in Australia and overseas and how the Boroondara strategy compares to best practice. A number of councils in Australia are aiming for cuts of 60% in emissions and some even aiming for zero carbon.
b/ Strategy to list all available grant, rebate etc schemes Council could tap into to defray costs of any proposed measures and if these funding sources are not being used why not.
c/ Strategy to list how gas and electricity are used across each council property and what potential exists at each site for:
  • i/ energy efficiency: proposed measures; reduction in required energy; reduction in emissions; indicative cost. This should cover as a minimum energy efficient appliances and IT, energy efficient office and street lighting, natural lighting where possible, insulation, weather-proofing, double glazing in some situations etc
  • ii/ Hot water: Potential to use solar hot-water and/or combined heat and power to supply the hot-water (used for process heat, if any, heating, washing, showers etc) ; reduction in gas and electricity; reduction in emissions; indicative cost.
  • iii/ Heating. Potential to displace gas or electricity heating required from CHP and/or solar.
  • iv/ Residual electricity required after above measures: Potential to use PV's and/or combined heat and power to supply the electricity needed; reduction in emissions; indicative cost.
d/ The current proposals within the strategy are worthy but nowhere near pushing the envelope. Some appraisal of a few more adventurous ideas would be worthwhile. As a suggestion:
  • i/ Solar-powered street lighting. As well as saving energy this promotes local resilience through decoupling from the grid. After a number of the hurricanes in America over the last decade or so solar-powered lighting has provided residents with very useful night-time lighting. After Hurricane Andrew many residents used solar-powered lighting to illuminate cooking on barbecues etc
  • ii/ Production of ethanol/methanol by fermenting and distilling food waste from local supermarkets and use of the ethanol/methanol in alcohol fuel-cells. The price of alcohol fuel cells has come down dramatically in the last few years. No reason why Council shouldn't have a few kW of alcohol fuel cells on a demonstration site. Perhaps the Eco-Centre?
  • iii/ Converting a number of council vehicles to run on 85% ethanol or purchasing new E85 vehicles as vehicles reach end of service life. E85 is available commercially or use ethanol to be produced by Council as discussed above.
  • iv/ Council to purchase hybrid vehicles and perhaps a few electric vehicles. If council is producing its own power from cogen plants, PV's etc this drastically reduces the net emissions of running EV's.
  • v/ Wind-turbines along the south-eastern freeway. I should say that I don't know how good the wind regime is along the freeway.
  • vi/ Biomass powered thermal heating and cogeneration using waste biomass from within Boroondara.
  • vii/ Possibility of joint cogeneration in the Camberwell junction area with the electricity and heat powering and heating council properties, commercial premises, police station, residences etc
Suggestions from Julia Thornton
Tighten up on the target emissions. 2006 is not a very aspirational baseline year.
Council to investigate how to set up local area energy grids including looking at legislative impediments.
Allow residents to divert stormwater to water gardens or nature strips.
Develop policy that makes tree retention on private property a net benefit.
Suggestions from Fiona Armstrong
An excellent overview – this would make a great framework for a submission to the strategy.  It is clearly another huge missed opportunity.
Many of these issues could be better addressed if the Boroondara Council would commit, as Moreland and Yarra have done, to establishing a Boroondara Energy Foundation which could help the Council and the community reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
This could this also be included in a submission as a key “ask”.

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Boroondara Sustainability Network Meeting Minutes 12 Oct 2010

Time and Date: 7pm Tuesday 12 October
Where:  Blackwood Room, 8 Inglesby Road, Camberwell (Melway 59 J1).


Ken Coghill, Carolyn Ingvarson, Heinz Kreutz, Mick Nolan, Liz Burton, Julia Thornton, Paul Fritz, Michael Staindl, Peter Campbell (minutes), David Coote, Richard Webb, Fred Garrecht


Svenja Keele 

Member updates on their group projects, activities and upcoming events

Lighter Footprints.  Education and energy measurement in the home project underway (funded by Council).  Kits and video will be available.  Also organising and "Innovation Panel" community meeting with local politicians.

Transition Towns Boroondara food cooperative is now up and running.
More details:
Recycling and waste reduction (Heinz Kreutz) - funding is available for projects. Government revenue has increased by $50m per year from the landfill levy.  $40m to EPA, $40m to Sustainability Victoria, $5m to Melbourne Waste Management Group.
BSN members can send project ideas Heinz.
Eastern Suburbs Permaculture Group (ESPG).  Monthly meetings being held.  Tracking

Eco Living Centre Update

Site selection and design phase in progress

Energy efficiency of new Council buildings and redevelopments

Draft policy document is still being prepared; timeline is for it to be finalised this year.  Community consultation process on the document is uncertain.

Proposals to reduce the energy savings gap

Action: PC to publish previous proposals/suggestions from David Coote on BSN website.

Hays paddock pavilion redevelopment

Community consultation in progress on this project.  Member groups are contributing to get sustainable outcomes, 17 people are on the steering committee.  Redevelopment of the pavilion is favoured.

Sustainability awards

Member groups are advised that nominations are open for Council Sustrainability Awards.  Nomination packs provided by Svenja Keele were distributed at the meeting.

Council budget and priorities for 2010-11

Budgets are currently being drafted within Council, so member groups are advised to make submissions prior to the end of 2010.

East West cycle route

Boroondara Bicycle User Group is requesting that Council prioritise this route and request State Government to undertake study of route alignment along the railway easement.

General business

Incorporation of BSN.  Heinz Kreutz stated that this would be revisited in 2011.
 Action: Peter Campbell to put draft constitution on website.

Next meeting

Tuesday 7 December 2010

Wednesday 28 July 2010

CLIMATE FORUM - meet your Kooyong and Senate candidates 28 Jul 2010

You are invited to attend this public forum hosted by Lighter Footprints, a BSN member.  Age journalist Liz Minchin, a Walkely award winner and co-author of a book on climate change Screw Light Bulbs, will run a Q&A session that will put climate change policies of the major parties under the microscope and allow the public and candidates to quiz one another. This should prove both entertaining and illuminating and we are very pleased to have her services..
  • What: “Meet the candidates” Community Climate Forum for the Federal election 2010 
  • When: Wednesday 28 July @ 7.00pm
  • Where: Chandelier room, Hawthorn town hall, 360 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn
  • Who: Candidates for Kooyong and a senator from each major party
  • Entry: $5 donation. 
The battle for the senate is crucial for passing climate change legislation so we are particularly pleased to have the senate candidates who will be fighting it out for Victorian senate positions in attendance.
Please put this date in your diary and come with friends and neighbours to demonstrate that this electorate does care strongly about climate change and that we want real action.
The Kooyong candidates attending are:
  • Josh Frydenberg (Liberal)
  • Steve Hurd (ALP)
  • Des Benson (Greens)
The three senate candidates attending are: 
  • Richard Di Natale (Greens).
  • Antony Thow (ALP)
  • Scott Ryan (Liberal) 

Tuesday 8 June 2010

Boroondara Sustainability Network Meeting 8 June 2010

Meeting Agenda
  • Date & time: 7pm Tuesday 8 June 2010
  • Venue: Council Offices,  8 Inglesby Road, Camberwell (Melway 59 J1)


 Ken Coghill, Carolyn Ingvarson, Liz Burton, Fiona Armstrong, Mal Boyd, Razia Ross, Heinz Kreutz

Agenda review

Previous minutes - acceptance
Action items - previous
  • Development of proposals to reduce the energy savings gap.
  • Promotion of sustainability awards

Member updates on their group projects, activities and upcoming events

Invitation to co host forum with Lighter Footprints

Community gardens
Council budget and priorities for 2010-11
Hays paddock pavilion redevelopment


General business
Meeting dates for 2010
•    Tuesday 10 August 2010
•    Tuesday 12 October 2010
•    Tuesday 7 December 2010

Tuesday 11 May 2010

Melbourne eastern cycle route

The Boroondara Sustainability Network and the Boroondara Bicycle User Group are both keen to see a safe east-west cycle route provided through central Boroondara.  

A safe east-west cycling link through Boroondara is desired by many residents in Boroondara.  We believe that using sections of the existing railway easement is a good option that has support from Boroondara and Whitehorse Councils, but as yet has no support from the Victorian State Government.  
This option deserves serious consideration, as there would be a significant impact on traffic flow if any of the adjacent arterial roads (Barkers, Riversdale, Burwood) were modified to have Copenhagen-style lanes.
The bike path could be used for local trips between shopping centres, by school children during the week, by families on weekends and by commuters during weekdays.  
Some more information on route options:
We are also concerned about planning and integration for cycle routes across Melbourne within the State Government and between Council boundaries [link]
The draft Principle Bicycle Network - circulated to Councils for comment in May 2010 - but not yet for public consultation - shows a route marked along Burwood Road Hawthorn.  This a major concern as this road is currently not safe for cycling.
We are forming a community working group with representatives along the entire length of the potential route from Hawthorn to Mitcham and Lilydale.

 News articles

Photo credit: Josie Hayden, Progress Leader

Wednesday 5 May 2010

Hays Paddock development and pavilion May 2010

There is an opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions on current and future use of Hays Paddock, Kew East.
The pavilion in Hays Paddock is scheduled for redevelopment by Boroondara Council in 2010 as part of this initiative.
A public meeting was held by Council at Hays Paddock Pavilion on 29 April 2009 for local residents.  
It is encouraging  that many comments voiced through the Boroondara Sustainability Network, Lighter Footprints and FOHP (Friends of Hays Paddock) have been noted.
There were 50 or so attendees, standing room only,  the venue (one Club's clubroom in Pavilion) was not really big enough for the crowd as it turned out.
The  meeting seemed to be very successful in terms of what we would like to see happen going forward. David Crowe stressed this is just the 1st opportunity, see next steps below.
Keith Lodge spoke eloquently and knowledgable about the Hays Paddock history and the "1980 Concept plan"
 Cr Brad Miles summed up at the end as follows:
 1) "1980 Concept plan"  has been re-presented and proposed as a proxy for what we may want. Council is inviting written comments (we need to comment - see below).
 2) Council (led by Steven White, Mgr Projects & Strategy) have examined options for pavilion location (current location preferred), and then whether to build or renew (current preferred suggested by Planning is renovate and extend say 25%).  ESD (enviro sustainable design) features are to be incorporated.
However, the tabled plan seems to lack a really good community/utility space that is not shared change room space with "operable walls".  (i.e. concertina to open up space into change rooms).
Comments and feedback on this to Council can be provided.
 3) Brad Miles proposed that a "reference group"   could be set up.
This would consist of 10 User nominees, typically representing formal and informal Park users. David Crowe asked people to self-nominate to him by email if they would like to be part of this


  • Groups and invididuals can comment using the form and email address provide here. Feedback can be submitted by hardcopy or email.
  • Individuals  should strongly consider nominating for the "Reference Group"
This update was provided by Mick Nolan from Lighter Footprints.

Tuesday 4 May 2010

Boroondara Sustainability Network Meeting 4 May 2010

Minutes of a meeting of the Boroondara Sustainability Network held 4 May 2010 
  • Date & time: 7pm Tuesday 4 May 2010
  • Venue: Council Offices,  8 Inglesby Road, Camberwell (Melway 59 J1)
1. PRESENT: Peter Campbell (Chair), Charles Rendig, Ken Coghill, Liz Burton (Acting Secretary), David Coote, Michaela Skett, (Team Leader, Environmental Planning), City of Boroondara, Marcia Hall (Rowville)
2. APOLOGIES: Adam Hall, Heinz Kreutz, Sean Knott, Fiona Armstrong, Richard Webb, Stu Farrant, Carolyn Ingvarson, Julia Thornton.
3. Previous meeting minutes.
The minutes of the previous meeting held on 16 March 2010 were noted.

City of Boroondara Low Carbon Strategy

Michaela Skett tabled copies of Council’s Low Carbon Strategy, dated July 2009 and provided an update on the strategy, including the following:

(a) the carbon reduction aim for Council had been increased to the range 30-40% below 2007-08 levels by 2020 (previously set at 25-40%);

(b) development of a priority action plan identifying strategic targets. This has identified a savings gap between the initial three year action plan the subsequent target range of 30-40%;
Development of proposals to reduce the energy savings gap.

(c) the principles applied include direct reduction of emissions and carbon offsets as outlined in the corporate action plan;

(d) carbon reduction principles are being applied to a range of new building projects.

(e) over the last 7-8 years, energy efficiency audits of buildings and retrofits have been undertaken.

(f) the aim was to achieve a 5 star energy efficiency for Council buildings and as such, there was an opportunity for the design of major projects such as the Hawthorn Aquatic and Leisure Centre and Camberwell Library to reach higher standards than the minimum prescribed by the building code;

(g) Eco Living Centre: the site of the temporary Camberwell library has been selected for makeover as the eco living centre. Council’s application for funds from the State Government was unsuccessful.

During discussion with Ms Skett, a number of matters were raised and noted including:
(a) audits of energy consumption were being undertaken by Council and action plans developed;
(b) that the energy “savings gap” identified in Figure 5 on p10 of the publication “Our Low Carbon Future – City of Boroondara Strategy” (July 2009) was considered to be difficult to close;
(c) that Council was preparing a sustainable buildings policy, scheduled to be available later in 2010;
(d) that a program of sustainability workshops was being held by Council throughout the year;
(e) that sustainability awards have been launched by Council  to recognise sustainable design in homes and gardens across Boroondara with a closing date for nominations of 31 December 2010 (copies of the entry form and guidelines were tabled).

Promotion of sustainability awards
Member updates on their group projects, activities and upcoming events

Reporting on various groups (Peter Campbell)
These items are included elsewhere in the minutes.

Eastern suburbs permaculture (David Coote)
  • Agri-forestry, Leongatha – 500 fruit trees.

Community gardens

It was noted that a proposal for a community orchard of around 60 fruit trees has been made at the Morang Rd Hawthorn reserve.


  • East-west cycling corridor – problems with lack of security for bike riders
  • Gardeners Creek bike path – The City of Boroondara is commended for the work being done on path construction and redevelopment
  • Issues with bike riders using Glenferrie Road, in particular, accidents and recent death of bike rider. Letter sent to Transport Minister
Darebin Creek bike path link over Yarra river has encountered difficulties with Parks Vic. Chandler Hwy path on bridge may be upgraded and obviate need for the crossing over the Yarra.

Council budget and priorities for 2010-2011

It was noted that Council’s draft budget and plan for 2010 would be available soon for public consultation.

Secretarial note: the closing date for public submissions is 9 June 2010.

Hays paddock pavilion redevelopment

It was noted that public consultation had been invited on the proposed retrofit of the pavilion.

Discussion on purpose and function of Boroondara Sustainability Network (BSN)

At present the purpose and function of the network was to:
(a) provide an information and exchange forum for environmental groups in Boroondara on issues affecting them;
(b) collaborate with Boroondara Council on environmental planning and policy; and
(c) monitor and disseminate relevant proposals and/or initiatives from the three tiers of government.

BSN website
BNS member groups to note.

Members were invited to provide to the web master, Peter Campbell, copy on their projects for inclusion on the website.

Meeting dates for 2010

Tuesday 8 June, Tuesday 10 August, Tuesday 12 October, Tuesday 7 December.


Climate communities

It was noted that a program of grants was available through Sustainability Victoria entitled “Climate Communities Grants Program” with grants of up to $50,000 available for practical action on climate change within communities. It was considered that submissions needed to be flagship in nature. The following proposals were received from David Coote.

Reducing emissions
  • retrofitting a community hall to reduce energy use and use as a demonstration to promote energy efficiency;
  • establishing a shared transport scheme, such as a bike repair and hire cooperative.

Building community resilience to adapt to climate change
  • providing community gardening workshops to promote drought-tolerant and edible gardening;
  • providing a community leader or volunteer with training to support a group or groups to operate more sustainably and to transfer knowledge between members.

Trialling and/or promoting new ideas to help tackle climate change
  • piloting a project to reduce waste at your local sports club and sharing results with other sports clubs;
  • introducing an energy cooperative that trials a new clean technology.

Secretarial note: Further details may be obtained from the climate communities website:


Next meeting to be held Tuesday 8 June 2010.

The meeting closed at 9.05pm

Thursday 25 March 2010

Boroondara Low Carbon Future Strategy 2010

 The City of Boroondara has published their Low Carbon Future Strategy.
This strategy allows a flexible approach to account for the rapidly changing political and social context surrounding climate change and greenhouse gas abatement, and the emergence of new technologies and practice.
The City of Boroondara proposes two clear and ambitious targets in the strategy:
  • Corporate target - To reduce Council’s corporate greenhouse gas emissions by 30 - 40% below 2007/08 levels by 2020.
  • Council’s community measures target - To support programs and projects with the community that achieve emission reductions of 12,400 tonnes CO2-e in the first year (2009 / 10) and an abatement total of at least 50,000 tonnes CO2-e by 2020.
The strategy also includes an action plan for the initial three-year period that clearly prioritises improving energy efficiency within Council operations and amongst our community and businesses.
You can download a copy of the strategy from the Council here.

Tuesday 16 March 2010

Boroondara Sustainability Network Meeting minutes 16 March 2010

Status: Issued
Date & time: 7pm Tuesday 16 March 2010
Venue: Council Offices,  8 Inglesby Road, Camberwell (Melway 59 J1)

Ken Coghill, Shaun Knott, Paul Fritze, David Coote, Heinz Kreutz, Bob Stensholt, Liz Burton, Fiona Armstrong, Peter Campbell (minutes)

Michael Staindl, Carolyn Ingvarson, Razia Ross, Michael Nolan, Rosalyn Kelleher, Julia Thornton

1.              Member updates on their group projects, activities and upcoming events

Bob Stensholt
  • Ceramic fuel cells that use gas and are 85% efficient are an option for reducing reliance on coal fired power stations (2kW ~ $10,000) but still have carbon emissions
  • Keen to complete Gardiners Creek bike path missing link at Warrigal Road by mid 2011
  • Possibility of getting funding from Climate Communities (Victorian State Government) for establishing a Community Garden Network with community outreach in Boroondara

Eastern Suburbs Permaculture (David Coote)
  • Conducting some home assessments
  • Interested in status of Boroondara Low Carbon strategy

Lighter Footprints (Fiona Armstrong, Ken Coghill)
  • Held Rewrite the Future – Climate Conversations Forum recently; report on outcomes and feedback will be issued
  • Beyond Zero Emissions presented on the Zero Carbon Emissions from Stationary Energy by 2020 plan
  • Held a group strategy day recently and are establishing 3 activity streams (Local, State/Federal & Internal)
  • Working on development of Victorian Safe Climate Bill (FA)

Boroondara Residents Action Group (Liz Burton)
  • Campaigning on regionalisation of development
  • Concerned about lack of public transport infrastructure
  • Camberwell Station development now approved and proceeding

Transition Town Boroondara (Peter Campbell, Razia Ross via email)
  • More community gardens need to be planned for Boroondara as more people want to grow their own vegetables – linkage with possible Community Gardening Network project
  • Communication with council about establishing urban orchards in Boroondara
  • Communication with council on improving bike paths and providing more bike paths
  • Request a progress report from Council about the proposed Eco Centre
  • Request for discussion about BSN being more reliably interactive with other local groups.

Action: PC to write to Council requesting update and/or presentation on status of Eco Centre, Low Carbon Strategy, and urban orchards

2. Community gardens (HK)
Community gardens are already in use at:
  • Hawthorn (near Glenferrie Oval)
  • Camberwell (near skate park)
  • Balwyn
  • Markham Reserve Ashburton
  • Canterbury – old bowling club site

Other potential sites are available across Boroondara but as yet no strategy or plans are in place to utilise them

3. Cycling
  • East West cycle route – community committee being formed to cover full length of route from Mitcham to Yarra (Peter Campbell)
  • Completing the Gardiners Creek Bike Trail missing link  - work is in progress – expected to be complete by mid 2011
  • bike /pedestrian underpass south side of Eastern Freeway at Bulleen Road has been requested by local residents (via Michael Nolan)
  • Darebin Bike Path Link – Yarra Bridge construction has not yet commenced, Parks Victoria have flagged possible changes to specifications of bridge (Heinz Kreutz).

Action: PC to write to Jim Hondrakis requesting expected completion date of Gardiners Creek bicycle path connection works

4. Council budget and priorities for 2010-11
Draft budget for Boroondara Council is still being prepared and could be circulated for community feedback by early to mid April 2010.  BSN members groups will be advised of release date and opportunity to provide their feedback and input direct to Council.

5. Hays paddock pavilion redevelopment
Local residents (via Michael Nolan) have requested that the pavilion be redeveloped with sustainable features fitted rather than demolished and re-built.

Action: PC to request update from Council on status of Hays Paddock Pavilion redevelopment and sustainability features.

6. Discussion on purpose and function of network
Articles of Association are not yet finalised.  Item carried over to next meeting.

7. Website

Recently updated with events from member groups and notice of Boroondara Sustainability Expo on Saturday 20/3/2010.

Member groups can author specific project pages on this website themselves if they wish.

Final drafts of meeting minutes will be published on the website.

8. Email Group
Group now set up for BSN groups, members and supporter:

Decision made to keep group as open for members to email to rather than for distribution only.

9 Meeting dates for 2010
  • Tuesday 27 April 2010 - rescheduled to Tuesday 4 May 2010
  • Tuesday 8 June 2010
  • Tuesday 10 August 2010
  • Tuesday 12 October 2010
  • Tuesday 7 December 2010

Meeting closed 9:30pm