Thursday, 28 May 2009

ESPG is an active and enthusiastic local group promoting sustainable living, with an emphasis on producing food locally, reducing energy use, and sharing.

ESPG meets once a month to discuss, share and learn about all aspects of sustainable living. Our meetings often feature a guest speaker or video on hot topics as diverse as organic food growing, food preservation, worm composting, bee-keeping in the suburbs, ethical investment, climate change, and more.

We tour members' gardens, which can include fruit trees, vegies, chooks, recycled materials, rain/greywater use, worm farms, or solar hot water systems; we share a meal, often of home-grown seasonal produce; and we share knowledge, ideas, books, garden equipment, seeds and seedlings.

Between meetings, members keep in touch via an on-line forum, group visits to plant nurseries and permaculture properties, and help each other in our gardens.

You can join the ESPG email group using the link below

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Boroondara low carbon strategy open for consultation

Adam Hall, Michaela and Svenya provided a presentation on the proposed Boroondara Low Carbon Strategy. We provided some  feedback on this interesting and promising initiative. 
The policy is available via download from the Council's website at the link below.
You can also make a submission on the draft strategy; closing date is 
5pm on Friday 12 June, 2009
A public information session will be held from 7.15pm to 8.15pm on Tuesday 9 June 2009 in the Acacia Room at the Camberwell Municipal Offices.  You can book for the session from the above link.