To link community-based environment action groups in fostering behavioural change and influencing policies, structures and resource allocation at Boroondara, State, national and international levels.
This mission statement is intended to succinctly describe the long-term objectives of the Boroondara Sustainability Network (BSN). There are several major features of these objectives.
Firstly, BSN in intended to support community-based action rather than activities that operate primarily at metropolitan, State, national or international levels.
Secondly, BSN aims to provide a link between people who share interests in taking action to protect and enhance the environment. Whilst it is stated that these are to be people associated with community based action groups, it is understood that independent individuals may equally be active. Accordingly, it is expected that implementation of the Mission will enable individuals and groups to find innovative means of effective involvement in BSN.
Thirdly, people involved in BSN may be involved in either, or both, of two types of action. They may:
  • act to support and assist behavioural change orientated towards environmental sustainability by individuals, households, community services and businesses within the local community, using any of the many means of doing so such as providing information, running workshops, demonstrations and displays, facilitating self-help groups, working bees, organising expert guest speakers and attraction of government and philanthropic funding of relevant projects (e.g.- environmentally orientated community development; restoration; protection) and their implementation;
  • actively engage with Boroondara City Council to assist in the development of policies, the creation of supporting administrative structures and the preparation of Council strategies, annual budgets and other forms of resource allocation, orientated towards environmental sustainability. Whilst priority is given to Boroondara, they may also engage with, in priority order, State government, national government or international organisations.
The Mission is subject to periodic review having regard to evaluation of BSN’s activities and changing circumstances.
Draft 21 January 2009.  Authored by Ken Coghill.

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