Tuesday 4 May 2010

Boroondara Sustainability Network Meeting 4 May 2010

Minutes of a meeting of the Boroondara Sustainability Network held 4 May 2010 
  • Date & time: 7pm Tuesday 4 May 2010
  • Venue: Council Offices,  8 Inglesby Road, Camberwell (Melway 59 J1)
1. PRESENT: Peter Campbell (Chair), Charles Rendig, Ken Coghill, Liz Burton (Acting Secretary), David Coote, Michaela Skett, (Team Leader, Environmental Planning), City of Boroondara, Marcia Hall (Rowville)
2. APOLOGIES: Adam Hall, Heinz Kreutz, Sean Knott, Fiona Armstrong, Richard Webb, Stu Farrant, Carolyn Ingvarson, Julia Thornton.
3. Previous meeting minutes.
The minutes of the previous meeting held on 16 March 2010 were noted.

City of Boroondara Low Carbon Strategy

Michaela Skett tabled copies of Council’s Low Carbon Strategy, dated July 2009 and provided an update on the strategy, including the following:

(a) the carbon reduction aim for Council had been increased to the range 30-40% below 2007-08 levels by 2020 (previously set at 25-40%);

(b) development of a priority action plan identifying strategic targets. This has identified a savings gap between the initial three year action plan the subsequent target range of 30-40%;
Development of proposals to reduce the energy savings gap.

(c) the principles applied include direct reduction of emissions and carbon offsets as outlined in the corporate action plan;

(d) carbon reduction principles are being applied to a range of new building projects.

(e) over the last 7-8 years, energy efficiency audits of buildings and retrofits have been undertaken.

(f) the aim was to achieve a 5 star energy efficiency for Council buildings and as such, there was an opportunity for the design of major projects such as the Hawthorn Aquatic and Leisure Centre and Camberwell Library to reach higher standards than the minimum prescribed by the building code;

(g) Eco Living Centre: the site of the temporary Camberwell library has been selected for makeover as the eco living centre. Council’s application for funds from the State Government was unsuccessful.

During discussion with Ms Skett, a number of matters were raised and noted including:
(a) audits of energy consumption were being undertaken by Council and action plans developed;
(b) that the energy “savings gap” identified in Figure 5 on p10 of the publication “Our Low Carbon Future – City of Boroondara Strategy” (July 2009) was considered to be difficult to close;
(c) that Council was preparing a sustainable buildings policy, scheduled to be available later in 2010;
(d) that a program of sustainability workshops was being held by Council throughout the year;
(e) that sustainability awards have been launched by Council  to recognise sustainable design in homes and gardens across Boroondara with a closing date for nominations of 31 December 2010 (copies of the entry form and guidelines were tabled).

Promotion of sustainability awards
Member updates on their group projects, activities and upcoming events

Reporting on various groups (Peter Campbell)
These items are included elsewhere in the minutes.

Eastern suburbs permaculture (David Coote)
  • Agri-forestry, Leongatha – 500 fruit trees.

Community gardens

It was noted that a proposal for a community orchard of around 60 fruit trees has been made at the Morang Rd Hawthorn reserve.


  • East-west cycling corridor – problems with lack of security for bike riders
  • Gardeners Creek bike path – The City of Boroondara is commended for the work being done on path construction and redevelopment
  • Issues with bike riders using Glenferrie Road, in particular, accidents and recent death of bike rider. Letter sent to Transport Minister
Darebin Creek bike path link over Yarra river has encountered difficulties with Parks Vic. Chandler Hwy path on bridge may be upgraded and obviate need for the crossing over the Yarra.

Council budget and priorities for 2010-2011

It was noted that Council’s draft budget and plan for 2010 would be available soon for public consultation.

Secretarial note: the closing date for public submissions is 9 June 2010.

Hays paddock pavilion redevelopment

It was noted that public consultation had been invited on the proposed retrofit of the pavilion.

Discussion on purpose and function of Boroondara Sustainability Network (BSN)

At present the purpose and function of the network was to:
(a) provide an information and exchange forum for environmental groups in Boroondara on issues affecting them;
(b) collaborate with Boroondara Council on environmental planning and policy; and
(c) monitor and disseminate relevant proposals and/or initiatives from the three tiers of government.

BSN website
BNS member groups to note.

Members were invited to provide to the web master, Peter Campbell, copy on their projects for inclusion on the website.

Meeting dates for 2010

Tuesday 8 June, Tuesday 10 August, Tuesday 12 October, Tuesday 7 December.


Climate communities

It was noted that a program of grants was available through Sustainability Victoria entitled “Climate Communities Grants Program” with grants of up to $50,000 available for practical action on climate change within communities. It was considered that submissions needed to be flagship in nature. The following proposals were received from David Coote.

Reducing emissions
  • retrofitting a community hall to reduce energy use and use as a demonstration to promote energy efficiency;
  • establishing a shared transport scheme, such as a bike repair and hire cooperative.

Building community resilience to adapt to climate change
  • providing community gardening workshops to promote drought-tolerant and edible gardening;
  • providing a community leader or volunteer with training to support a group or groups to operate more sustainably and to transfer knowledge between members.

Trialling and/or promoting new ideas to help tackle climate change
  • piloting a project to reduce waste at your local sports club and sharing results with other sports clubs;
  • introducing an energy cooperative that trials a new clean technology.

Secretarial note: Further details may be obtained from the climate communities website:http://www.climatecommunities.vic.gov.au/grants/about-grants-program


Next meeting to be held Tuesday 8 June 2010.

The meeting closed at 9.05pm

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